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Investment Opportunity for an exceptional 3 star Hotel in Paphos Cyprus

Agapinor Hotel has 80 fully air-conditioned and heated en-suite rooms, wi-fi, large swimming pool, complex of shops, private balconies offering incredible sea or town views & much more!



Profitable Deluxe Hotel and Shops Complex operating for over 21 years is offering Investors opportunity.
~ Guaranteed Performance Return on Investment for 7 years, 10 years, 12 years or longer Fixed Term ~
The history of success of the "Agapinor Hotel & Shops Complex" has proved to everyone that in the last 21 years of its existence performance has been exceptionally successful and highly profitable exceeding everyone's growth expectations, despite some signs of a recession in the Tourism market.
The performance and returns signify that well run and well operated Hospitality operations that can conform to people’s high expectation and value for money factor are the dictating elements for our prime success together with the correct policy implementation, budgeting and Management policies and procedures.
Furthermore it should also be noted that the Agapinor Hotel has a diversification enigma by also investing heavily in the Shops leasing Market that has also contributed successfully to the company’s overall performance.
Having foreseen that the greater success and growth of our business expansion was imminent and forthcoming and having assets in excess of €10,000,000 million being under borrowed at a mere 6%, it therefore goes without saying that we are a viable and sound Business.
Our Auditors KPMG International Paphos main office branch have been our Auditors from day one and have been exceptional in keeping our company up to date with all the necessary business requirements in the today’s demanding Cyprus Business environment, and are available to meet any seriously interested investor upon our approval and authorisation to disclose all Financial information necessary about our business.
Finally I would like to reconfirm and verify in writing once more that the possibilities of a safe and Guaranteed return for Investors wishing to invest in my Business, is certainly guaranteed and there is No risk on part of the Investor but on the contrary many rewarding benefits for themselves and their family members.
Myself, and my Management Team, including our Chief Accountant Mrs. Hazel Taylor our PA Ms. Caroline Turner, are at your disposal anytime at the Hotel on +357 26 933 926.
Yours Sincerely,
Photios Georgiou MBA (Ox/rd U.K) FIH.MCMI.MCIM.FTS
Agapinor Hotel & Shops Complex

Investors Official Proposals of Financial Performance Benefits

  • 1:0  Investors minimum investment €150,000.00    Maximum amount: € ANY
  • 1:1  Investors minimum investment period is 5 continuous years
  • 1:3  Investors investing for a 5 years term receive  3.0%
  • 1:4  Investors investing for a 7 years term receive an additional  4.0%
  • 1:5  Investors investing for a 10 years term receive an additional  4.5%
  • 1:5  Investors investing for a 12 years term receive an additional  5.0%
  • 1:6  Investors YEARLY performance is Guaranteed and is offered for investors with a minimum invested Capital of €150,000.00 (one hundred and fifty thousand Euros)
    • 3.0% if invested for 5 years term - 60 full calendar months
    • 4.0% if invested for 7 years term - 84 full calendar months
    • 4.5% if invested for 10 years term - 120 full calendar months
    • 5.0% if invested for 12 years term - 144 full calendar months
  • 1:7  Investors are responsible for their own tax declaration.
  • 1:8  Performances are paid by the Hotels Accounts Department on a 12 months maturity date from date that investment is received and the date issued on the Hotels receipt. The receipt Certificate is the legal document of funds ownership.
  • 1:9  Investment periods cannot be cancelled due to the high performance paid.
  • 1:10  Investments performance is guaranteed and the investment performance as in paragraph 1:7 is paid annually as specified.
  • 1:11  At the maturity date of the investment the invested amount is returned to the investor totally intact.
  • 1:12  Declaration of source of funds invested by the investors.
  • 1:13  Performance interest paid anywhere internationally as per the instruction given by our investors.
  • 1:14  Prepayment of yearly Guaranteed performance to some investors may possible however depends on amount invested and on the total of  years invested. Decision and arrangement by the Managing Director, Mr. Photos Georgiou.
  • 1:15  A contract of Legal Agreement is made between the Hotel & Shops Complex “Owning Company” and the Investor securing legally the investor.
  • 1:16  A copy of the contract is given to both sides and the period of the investment with us cannot be cancelled.

INVESTORS & Their Families SPECIAL EXTRAS Benefits & Incentives

  • SPECIAL Investors Discount on Room Rates of 12% for them or their Certified Family Members throughout the Year!!
  • Very Special Long Term Rates for Investors wishing to Reside in the Hotel on a Long Term Basis.
  • Upgrade to Sea View Room with Special 20% discount on Supplement.
  • Full Buffet Dinner in our Artemis Deluxe Restaurant for only €7.99 per person per night or their Family Certified Members throughout the Year.
  • Special Discounted Rates for Residents at our Agapinor Cafe / Bar & Pool Bar with 15% off Snacks and all Hot & Cold & Alcoholic Beverages.
  • Full Secretarial Services, Administration Services special rates on application
  • Assistance in Local knowledge and matters.
  • Consultancy and advice and introduction to Legal Consultants Accountants, Lawyers and Professionals if needed.
  • Overall Assistance in matters of good standing and long term co-operation to strengthen the Bond of co-operation.
  • Priority to Investors in future New Hotel Projects and Existing.
  • Early check in (Notice of arrival to be given)
  • FREE Paphos Transport from Airport upon arrival 
  • “Meet & Greet” at Paphos International Airport
  • Mail Forwarding and Messaging.
  • Use of Hotels Business Address.
  • Total Commitment, Confidentiality & Dedication to our Investor’s needs.

Please contact in strict confidence +357 99 329 000  or email us