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Agapinor Hotel & Shops Complex Special Guaranteed Capital investment offer

Due to the popular demand and the continued success of Agapinor Hotel & Shops Complex it has now launched its Special Guaranteed Capital Investment offer. Offering an attractive opportunity to investors that are weary of Cyprus’s main clearing banks, which want confidentiality and security on their investment. The Special Guaranteed Capital Investment offer will return investors a guaranteed Yield of 3.5% - 4.5% paid annually each year for investors willing to offer a minimum of a 7 year tie in.

Investment tie in  for  7  years   84 calendar months Yield Guarantee is   3.5% 
Investment tie in  for 10 years 120 calendar months Yield Guarantee is   4.0%
Investment tie in  for 12 years 144 calendar months Yield Guarantee is   4.5%

Prepayment of the yield guarantee for the first year  will be made for investments exceeding seven years.

The investment product which will be delivered without any tax or statutory deductions and will carry a minimum investment of €150.000 Euros. The principal capital investment will be returned intact at the maturity date of the investment period.
Investors will not have to worry about the reduction of their capital and will not suffer the loss that has recently occurred to investors in Cyprus’s main bank share prices or investments which the banks promoted to its customers. This investment carries a guaranteed increase every year whereas bank shareholders have suffered 90-95% reductions in investment values.

Agapinor hotel and shops complex has been trading profitably for 21 years with fully audited accounts by KPMG International which are accessible to approved potential Investors. 

An exciting opportunity has arisen for further expansion of the deluxe hotel and shops complex. Approved plans to expand capacity to two extra floors and also extra building land has been purchased on the boundary walls of the Hotel and this  will allow the business  to meet the increased demand.

Ryan air and its strategic decision to use Paphos as a regional hub has added 14 new destinations which has led to an increased demand for the cost conscious traveller. The business has witnessed increased demand from tourists from such diverse destinations from Mainly Europe including Italy, Thesaloniki, Hania, Stanstead, Rome and Sweden.
The discovery of Gas and Hydro carbons has now projected an attractive intermediate future for Cyprus once the current fiscal and budgetary consolidation takes place. The increasing demand from Russian tourists as well as improved visa terms for other country national such as the Ukraine means that tourism to Paphos is poised to continue its impressive recovery.

Contact Agapinor Hotel investments today in order to protect your money and obtain a secure investment return to help you beat this difficult investment climate.